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Green Leopard© Undercanopy Bench Light

Introducing the Green Leopard© Undercanopy Bench Light: the ideal alternative to the Sea of Beam for commercial and home growers. Combining a full spectrum+UV+FR with efficient power settings, this innovative light ensures maximum plant growth and yield. Designed for longevity and optimal performance, it's priced at just $400 USD delivered. Perfect for those seeking a swift ROI, with the potential to pay for itself in one harvest. Elevate your cultivation game with Green Leopard©. Secure yours today! COMES WITH DRIVER AND 4 BENCHES

Under Canopy Light | Sea of Beam

An industry first product that can take your grow to the next level no matter what level!! For Growers by Growers. Easy to install and use the Sea of Beam will help keep order or improve results in your SCROG or SOG grow and increase yields by up to 30%. Don’t use a trellis? No worries! Welcome to the new era! Now is the time to start and level up on your grow. 42 inch/1 m adjustable height to allow for top and bottom maintenance.