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SideLite Essentials: Practical Side Lighting by Green Leopard

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Green Leopard SideLite Essentials: Product Overview

Green Leopard introduces the SideLite Essentials, a specifically designed LED lighting kit for indoor gardening. This solution focuses on delivering targeted side illumination to enhance plant growth and flowering through the use of Full Spectrum LED Bars. Features of the SideLite Essentials:
  • Full Spectrum LED Lighting: The kit consists of four LED bars, producing a combined output of 130 watts. This lighting is engineered to provide a spectrum that supports all stages of plant growth, simulating the comprehensive range of natural sunlight.
  • Designed for Side Illumination: Tailored to improve light distribution on the sides of plants, SideLite Essentials promotes even growth and contributes to a balanced development across the entire plant.
  • Construction: Includes 1-meter aluminum alloy legs for stable and adjustable positioning of the LED bars, ensuring that the light reaches the intended areas of plant growth.
  • Energy Considerations: The kit is designed with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating a power management system that optimizes electricity use while maintaining effective illumination.