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SideLite Essentials: Practical Side Lighting by Green Leopard

Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $300.00.

Green Leopard SideLite Essentials: Product Overview

Green Leopard introduces the SideLite Essentials, a specifically designed LED lighting kit for indoor gardening. This solution focuses on delivering targeted side illumination to enhance plant growth and flowering through the use of Full Spectrum LED Bars. Features of the SideLite Essentials:
  • Full Spectrum LED Lighting: The kit consists of four LED bars, producing a combined output of 130 watts. This lighting is engineered to provide a spectrum that supports all stages of plant growth, simulating the comprehensive range of natural sunlight.
  • Designed for Side Illumination: Tailored to improve light distribution on the sides of plants, SideLite Essentials promotes even growth and contributes to a balanced development across the entire plant.
  • Construction: Includes 1-meter aluminum alloy legs for stable and adjustable positioning of the LED bars, ensuring that the light reaches the intended areas of plant growth.
  • Energy Considerations: The kit is designed with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating a power management system that optimizes electricity use while maintaining effective illumination.

G Series Top Light Enhancement Pack: Maximize Your Growth Potential

G Series Top Light Enhancement Pack Boost your G Series Top Light with our Enhancement Pack, designed to enrich your plants with vital IR and UV spectra. Available in a pack of two, these add-ons seamlessly integrate with your existing setup, promoting accelerated growth and enhanced bloom. Ideal as an upgrade, but also available for stand-alone use (note: $100 surcharge for delivery on stand-alone orders). Elevate your gardening efficiency and plant resilience effortlessly with the G Series Top Light Enhancement Pack. Unlock the full potential of your garden today!

The Green Leopard™ Duo Pack: Revolutionize Your Gardening Experience

Original price was: $80.00.Current price is: $
Discover the Future of Gardening with Green Leopard™ Duo Pack Elevate your gardening game with the Green Leopard™ Duo Pack, featuring our revolutionary Grow Stimulator and Plant Guard. Designed for fruit-bearing plants, this dynamic duo harnesses advanced frequency technology to stimulate growth and protect against pests, all without chemicals. Enjoy targeted care for every plant stage, easy plug-and-play operation, and the peace of mind that comes from a natural, sustainable approach to cultivation. Giving a total coverage of 80m2 (861 square feet), this product gives you great coverage. With the Green Leopard™ Duo Pack, you're not just growing a garden—you're pioneering a greener future. Green Leopard™ Duo Pack: Safety and Effectiveness Summary
  • Non-Chemical Approach: The Duo Pack offers a great alternative to chemical-based products, ensuring a safer environment for customers, their families, and pets.
  • Targeted Frequency Technology: Utilizes advanced frequency settings specifically designed to promote plant growth (Grow Stimulator) and provide natural pest protection (Crop Guard) without harmful side effects associated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Each Plug has 3 settings for 3 vital functions
  • Human and Pet Safety: Engineered to be completely safe around humans and pets, the Duo Pack's technology operates without emitting harmful substances, ensuring the well-being of everyone in the household.
  • Environmental Impact: By avoiding chemical treatments, the Duo Pack contributes to the preservation of soil quality and groundwater, protecting local wildlife and supporting biodiversity in your garden.
  • Effectiveness: Delivers tangible results in both plant growth enhancement and pest deterrent capabilities, rivaling or exceeding traditional chemical solutions without the environmental toll.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for simplicity, the Duo Pack can be easily integrated into any gardening routine, offering peace of mind with minimal effort.
  • Cost Efficiency: Over time, the Duo Pack proves to be a cost-effective solution by reducing the need for repeated chemical purchases and addressing issues at their source with sustainable technology.
  • Broad Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of plants, including both indoor and outdoor gardens, making it a versatile tool for gardeners of all levels.
  • Promotes Healthier Plant Growth: The Grow Stimulator encourages stronger, more resilient plant development, leading to higher yields and more vibrant gardens.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The Crop Guard effectively wards off a variety of pests, from insects to rodents, using nature-friendly methods that harm neither the pests nor the ecosystem.
The Green Leopard™ Duo Pack stands out as a superior choice for conscientious gardeners who prioritize the health and safety of their families, pets, and the environment while seeking effective solutions for plant growth and pest control. Each Plug Material:ABS Product size:9.5*6 cm Product G.W.:63g Power supply: AC100-240v Input power :<4w

Green Leopard© Undercanopy Bench Light

Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $350.00.
Introducing the Green Leopard© Undercanopy Bench Light: the ideal alternative to the Sea of Beam for commercial and home growers. Combining a full spectrum+UV+FR with efficient power settings, this innovative light ensures maximum plant growth and yield. Perfect for those seeking a swift ROI, with the potential to pay for itself in one harvest. Elevate your cultivation game with Green Leopard©. Secure yours today! COMES WITH DRIVER AND 4 BENCHES, NOW AVAILABLE IN FAR RED FOR OPTIMAL FLOWERING BOOST

The Green Leopard Master Controller

Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $300.00.
Introducing the Green Leopard Master Controller: Your Home Grow's Best Friend Unlock precision control for your home cultivation with the Green Leopard Master Controller. Whether you're using the latest equipment or trusty older models, our Master Controller is designed to elevate your home growing experience.
Key Features:
  1. Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all your home grow equipment, including other leading brands, offering a versatile solution that suits your setup.
  2. Dual-Channel Precision: Fine-tune light intensity and more with ease, giving you unprecedented control over your grow environment.
  3. Intuitive Touchscreen: Monitor and control your grow environment effortlessly, with the added convenience of sunrise and sunset settings to mimic natural lighting cycles.
  4. Customizable Profiles: Tailor conditions to your plants' needs at every stage, including the ability to set precise PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) levels for a more finely tuned and optimized grow.
  5. Affordable Excellence: At $50 less than other leading brands, the Green Leopard Master Controller offers more features and capabilities, giving you unmatched value for your investment.
  6. Built to Last: Durable construction ensures years of reliable performance, even with intensive use.
  7. Energy Efficient: Reduce operational costs without compromising the quality of your home cultivation.
  8. Firmware Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, ensuring your Master Controller remains at the cutting edge of home growing technology.
  9. Sleek Design: The Master Controller's sleek and compact design fits perfectly into your grow space, optimizing both form and function.
Elevate your home growing with the Green Leopard Master Controller – precision, simplicity, and excellence in one package, all at an affordable price point that's $50 less than other leading brands. Upgrade now and watch your home cultivation thrive with unmatched features and value.

The Forever Trellis

Introducing the Forever Trellis by Green Leopard – a revolutionary plant support system designed to elevate your gardening experience. Crafted with four highly durable 4-foot aluminum rods, this innovative trellis allows you to effortlessly float an adjustable top net structure. The top net features a grid of clip-on bungee cords, forming perfect 6-inch (15 cm) squares that provide unparalleled support for your plants. Unlike traditional trellis systems, the Forever Trellis is not only easier to use but also environmentally friendly, as it can be used indefinitely. Say goodbye to uneven, spider web-like stretches – choose the Forever Trellis for optimal plant care and support. Get yours now for only $115 and enjoy worldwide shipping. Optional extra sets of bungee cords are available, and we also offer a specialized Scrog Edition with 3-inch squares for your convenience.


Green Leopard grow box V1 is a great solution. for everyone looking to grow at home with minimal effort in the most subtle, stylish way currently. You don’t have to worry if the internet goes down. The grow box V1 can complete growth cycles independent of any of its connectivity features. Our system is the only system on the market that is truly sealed. Meaning no smell, leakage, less likelihood of pests, and course, an optimal space. Users can even note the detail of the grill on the air exit as suitable for brands like Fabreeze to add a scent and catch any unlikely escaped odor.​


Height: 148cm / Depth: 64cm / Width: 58cm


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