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绿豹© 华盖下长椅灯

介绍 Green Leopard© 天棚下工作台灯:商业和家庭种植者光束海的理想替代品。这款创新型灯具将全光谱+紫外线+红外线与高效的功率设置相结合,可确保植物的最大生长量和产量。非常适合那些寻求快速投资回报率的人,一次收获就有可能收回成本。使用 Green Leopard© 提高您的种植水平。立即购买!附带驱动器和 4 个工作台,现提供远红灯,以促进最佳开花效果

Under Canopy Light | Sea of Beam

An industry first product that can take your grow to the next level no matter what level!! For Growers by Growers. Easy to install and use the Sea of Beam will help keep order or improve results in your SCROG or SOG grow and increase yields by up to 30%. Don’t use a trellis? No worries! Welcome to the new era! Now is the time to start and level up on your grow. 42 inch/1 m adjustable height to allow for top and bottom maintenance.