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G 系列顶级光增强包:最大限度地发挥您的生长潜力

G 系列顶灯增强包 使用我们的增强组件来增强 G 系列顶灯的功能,这些组件可为植物提供重要的红外和紫外光谱。这些附加组件每包两件,可与现有装置无缝集成,促进植物加速生长并增强开花效果。不仅是理想的升级产品,也可单独使用(注:单独订购需支付 $100 运费附加费)。使用 G 系列顶部光源增强包,毫不费力地提高您的园艺效率和植物抗逆性。现在就释放您花园的全部潜能!

G1000 - LED 种植灯

$1,168.00 - $1,460.00
Introducing the G1000 LED Grow Light – a game changer for indoor horticulture. Designed for the professional grower, this LED light offers the ultimate full spectrum solution for your indoor garden. With a coverage area of 5*5 feet, this light is perfect for even the largest grow spaces.  

G630 – Led Grow Light

The G630 offers a total full spectrum solution. Powered at 630W, using 0-10V/PWM Timer and dimming function to effectively control PPFD this can be mounted as close as 15cm at full power. It is Ultra Thin and foldable allowing easy transportation & installation.  

G720 – Led Grow Light

Introducing the state-of-the-art Green Leopard G720 LED Grow Light! This is the perfect solution for any grower looking to achieve top-notch results. With a powerful and efficient design, this light is equipped with an impressive PPF of 1900umol/s and an unparalleled efficacy of 2.65umol/s/w. Its advanced optical design ensures that the light is evenly distributed, providing perfect coverage for your plants.  


Introducing the GreenLeopard P320 Full Spectrum LED Quantum Board, a true game-changer in the world of indoor growing. We take immense pride in offering an unbeatable combination of quality and value, providing you with a product that's unrivaled in the market at less than a buck a watt. At only 350 USD, delivered worldwide, this clean and simple quantum board stands out as the perfect entry-level light for indoor growers. Don't be deceived by its affordable price; it packs an impressive 320 watts of power, delivering a full spectrum of light that ensures your plants receive the best conditions for optimal growth. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and the GreenLeopard P320 is no exception. We've poured the same level of care and attention to detail into this light as we do with our larger, high-end models. This means you can expect exceptional performance and durability that will last through countless growing cycles. One of the standout features of the GreenLeopard P320 is its impressive thermal management. Equipped with top-notch components and a superior driver, this light runs at lower temperatures compared to its competition. This not only ensures the safety of your plants but also extends the longevity of the light itself. Versatility is another key advantage of the GreenLeopard P320. It excels in both flowering and vegging stages, making it a reliable and flexible addition to any grow room. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting, this light will be your trusted companion on your indoor growing journey. Don't miss the chance to witness your plants thrive like never before. Experience the undeniable quality and unbeatable value of the GreenLeopard P320 Full Spectrum LED Quantum Board. Your plants deserve the best, and we're here to make it possible. Elevate your indoor growing game today!