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The Green Leopard™ Duo Pack: Revolutionize Your Gardening Experience

### The Green Leopard™ Duo Pack: Revolutionize Home and Garden with Advanced Ultrasonic Technology (US, EU, Swiss) Introducing our first home product that integrates cutting-edge technology into your garden and living space—the Green Leopard™ Duo Pack. This revolutionary pack combines the Grow Stimulator and Plant Guard to provide natural, sustainable solutions for boosting plant growth and protecting against pests. Perfect for both avid gardeners and home enthusiasts, this is a must-have for enhancing indoor and outdoor environments. ### Early Success and Broad Application The Green Leopard™ Duo Pack has seen widespread success. Gardeners, home growers, restaurants, and butchers have all reported remarkable results. The innovative frequency settings in the Grow Stimulator are particularly noted for their comprehensive benefits to plant health. ### Product Highlights - **Grow Stimulator**: Promotes vigorous plant growth using ultrasonic frequency technology, optimized for different growth stages. For best results, use with a timer: a few hours on, then off. - **Plant Guard**: Provides robust, chemical-free protection against pests, ensuring a healthy and bountiful harvest. - **Audible Frequency Tones**: The bell emits tones at certain frequencies, providing audible feedback for gear settings. ### Key Features - **Chemical-Free**: Safe and environmentally friendly technology for garden care. - **Pre-Sets**: Tailored frequencies for different plant stages and protection needs. - **Synergistic Duo**: Combining the Grow Stimulator and Plant Guard for comprehensive plant care. - **User-Friendly**: Simple plug-and-play design with easy-to-select settings. ### Specialized Gear Settings - **Grow Stimulator**: - Gear 1: For seedlings (green light, gentle bell tone). - Gear 2: For vegetative and fruiting stages (blue light, moderate bell tone). - Gear 3: Versatile frequency for all stages (red light, soothing bell tone). - **Plant Guard**: - Gear 1: Early growth pest deterrence (green light, gentle bell tone). - Gear 2: Peak growth protection (blue light, moderate bell tone). - Gear 3: All-stage protection, including curing and storage (red light, no tone). ### Elevate Your Home and Garden with Green Leopard™ **Material**: ABS **Product size**: 9.5*6 cm **Product G.W.**: 63g **Power supply**: AC100-240v **Input power**: <4w **Availability**: US/EU (can use with adapter) Discover the future of home and garden care with the Green Leopard™ Duo Pack, bringing advanced ultrasonic technology into your everyday life.