Green Leopard Grow Unit V1.0

Complete Package, with Seeds, nutrients, hat, grinder and GL Velvet Cure.
Book yours now for delivery commencing soon.


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Growing Pains
Growing Pains
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These lights are incredible, they have such a sleek design with quality parts and amazing results that pay for themselves within a very short time. Forever grateful for products like this. I will never go for any other brands of LED. I am a Green Leopard customer for life!
Yolandé Bothma
Yolandé Bothma
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"Excellence" is just one of the many words I use to describe Green Leopard Grow Tech. Beautiful to look at but so damn powerful. My plants are thriving with the under canopy lighting...I can already see the difference since using Green Leopard. Every last detail was as the website described it and the equipment perfectly fits my 4x4 grow tent. Super impressed with everything.

Green Leopard grow box V1 is a great solution. for everyone looking to grow at home with minimal effort in the most subtle, stylish way currently. You don’t have to worry if the internet goes down. The grow box V1 can complete growth cycles independent of any of its connectivity features.
Our system is the only system on the market that is truly sealed. Meaning no smell, leakage, less likelihood of pests, and course, an optimal space. To process used air through the carbon filter. Users can even note the detail of the grill on the air exit as suitable for brands like Fabreeze to add a scent and catch any unlikely escaped odor. Lastly, ROI, in a legal four plant format. Your unit will have saved you approximately five times its value within four months of purchase.


Height – 148 cm
Depth – 64 cm
Width – 58 cm


45 Kg

Comes with:

stair trolley

Connection Plug Type


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