Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kit Setup

Everything you need to grow:

  • Grow Tent
  • G-650 Full Spectrum Samsung LED
  • Sea of Beam
  •  6” In-Line Fan
  • Carbon Filter
  • 2m Tubing and Accessories




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Growing Pains
Growing Pains
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These lights are incredible, they have such a sleek design with quality parts and amazing results that pay for themselves within a very short time. Forever grateful for products like this. I will never go for any other brands of LED. I am a Green Leopard customer for life!
Yolandé Bothma
Yolandé Bothma
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"Excellence" is just one of the many words I use to describe Green Leopard Grow Tech. Beautiful to look at but so damn powerful. My plants are thriving with the under canopy lighting...I can already see the difference since using Green Leopard. Every last detail was as the website described it and the equipment perfectly fits my 4x4 grow tent. Super impressed with everything.

Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kit

The Green Leopard Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kit is an excellent solution for those who want an indoor garden but are reluctant to dedicate a whole room or construct everything form the ground up to essentially get the same results as you’ll get here.

With a very strong tent frame and a fabric outer covering, a grow tent is easy to set up and will keep your garden completely at one place enabling atmospheric and lighting control as well as a bit of private space.

Green Leopard Grow tents are more light proof, much durable, stronger, quieter, safer, and they create the best possible growing environment for you and your plants.

OTHER GROW TENTS use cheap plastic, aluminum, or an extremely thin steel poles. Plastic connectors and corners frequently crack or break, thus putting your grows at greater risk.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

It has been consistently seen that Full Spectrum LEDs function 30% better than normal ones, they are the best option for growing plants as they copy the process of natural light from the sun. Moreover, Advanced full spectrum LED grow lights use less electricity, and create less heat, not only provides intense, effective lighting for indoor gardening system but also make the garden cool.

This is Everything you need to grow, we provide the complete setup!

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